Whole-home retrofit

Project Description
The Acacia home features three customized entertainment systems and patio audio. All work, including design, wiring, trim, drywall, and acoustic panel construction, was performed by members of 7220 Consulting.

Theater features:


  • Compact 12'x12′ design to fit existing bedroom with custom pinstriped crown molding
  • 92" fixed screen and 5 channel surround with 15" subwoofer
  • Floorstanding speakers are inset through the wall and into the closet of a neighboring room to maximize space
  • Black velvet is installed on the screen wall to maximize perceived contrast
  • Motorized reclining seating for four
  • Custom-built acoustic panels on a sliding track cover the rear window
  • Equipment is hidden away in a closet and controlled by a single RF remote


Living room features:



  • On-wall 5.1 surround sound
  • 55" Samsung LED TV mounted in a perfectly-sized alcove above the fireplace
  • Second receiver zone powers stereo patio speakers

Master bedroom features:



  • On-wall 3.0 surround sound
  • Wall-mounted 46" Samsung LED TV
  • Equipment is hidden away in a neighboring closet